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The implentation of the solution is completely provided by Proboss. We understand your needs and we guarantee the operational excellence.

Nous vous garantissons l'excellence opérationnelle
Diversifiez vos modes de rémunération

Discover the Proboss-MAX

Proboss-MAX offers you as executive manager/shareholder another option to remunerate yourself, while you benefit the fiscal advantages.

Reason why you should choose Proboss?


In practice, the Proboss-MAX can offer you a net rate of 67%.


The amount of cash we're extracting from your company with a Proboss-MAX stays during the entire blocking period at the disposal of your company.


Our Proboss- technique is covered by a ruling, granted by the FPS Finance.


The total cost according to your Proboss-MAX is entirely deductible.


The implentation of the solution is completely provided by Proboss: we ensure transparancy, no hidden costs afterwords.


Proboss is created for executive managers/shareholders who are remunerated within their Belgian company. Our solution will certainly arouse your interest.

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The Proboss' team is made with complementary backgrounds which covers all Belgium. This ensures a representative of Proboss in your region

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