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Proboss is an innovating company which has shown his added values over the last years. Thanks to the close collaboration with a growing of actors in the sector (like auditors, fiduciary, tax lawyer,...) Proboss-MAX has become indispensable today in the world of alternative remuneration techniques.

Une société innovante


Proboss SA and his representatives is the guarantor of loyalness and probity. We strictly comply with the Belgian regulations.

Proboss SA and his representatives defend an ethic attitude which always sustain for a truly and responsible company.

Proboss SA and his representatives provide relevant, objective and checkable information to implement the Proboss-MAX.


Proboss SA and his representatives are working in line with your realistic and professional targets aiming to offer a tailor-made service.

Our approach is to build up a strong partnership with the customer. Taking into account the needs and expectations of our customers, we want to establish a strong and close relationship with our customers throughout the professional relationship.


Proboss SA is a Belgian standalone company operating arm’s length from any influence.Our ‘code of conduct’ complies to the recommendations of the Code Buysse II with regard to Corporate Governance of Belgian companies not listed on a public stock exchange.

Proboss sets clear, specific aims and objectives to create and develop his strategy. At Proboss, we commit to build this strategy in order to durably grow our strengths towards clients and to ensure business continuity.


Proboss SA and its representatives are committed to build up and maintain a relationship of trust with its customers. Proboss SA and its representatives undertake to respect both during and after the end of the contractual relationship the strict confidentiality of all the information they have received in connection with the exercise of their mandate.

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